Topic outline

  • eVisit through the OTNhub Resources

    From here you will be able to access job aids, quick guides and screencasts to assist you in using eVisit (Personal Videoconferencing).

    •  eVisit (Personal Videoconferencing) Quick Starts

    •  Staying Connected with eVisit

    •  OTNhub eVisit Equipment

    •  OTNhub Instructional Videos

    •  Online and Live Training Programs Available

    •  OHIP Billing Considerations

    •  Support and Communications

    •  Best Practice Considerations

    •  Privacy and Security Considerations

    •  Best Practice Series for Videoconferencing

      Are you interested in learning more about Videoconferencing? Do you know colleagues that are interested in the service?

      OTN’s Training Team offer live weekly Breakfast/Lunch and Learn sessions that cover:  installation, videoconferencing fundamentals  as well as privacy & etiquette considerations.

      To enroll in a session, please go to OTN’s Learning Centre at:  In the search field located at the top right of the screen, please type Best Practices and click Search. You will now be presented with a complete listing of Best Practice sessions. Select the session that you’re interested in attending and you’ll be provided with registration instructions. Hope to see you soon!