Topic outline

  • Live Training

    OTN's Best Practices Lunch & Learn Series are Live-Practical sessions where you will learn how to use various OTN Products and Services. They are great as a refresher for the occasional user or a hands-on introduction to a new product or service.

    •  OTN Best Practices Lunch & Learn Series

      Choose the Lunch & Learn session right for you from the OTN's Best Practices Lunch & Learn Series Calendar and be taken directly to Ncompass to register your system for the event.

    •  Private Training Calendar

      This calendar is for the exclusive use of OTN Regional Managers and OTN Adoption staff (or their designates).

      The training sessions are intended for new sites and new TMCs, but existing sites may also be registered in the sessions.

      Print the Live Training handout, listed below, as a document for participants to follow along and take notes on.

    •  Additional Resources