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New Features in Ncompass 6.10

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New Features in Ncompass 6.10
by OTN Administrator - Thursday, 10 October 2019, 12:17 PM
PDF description of Ncompass 6.10 features

Field for Appointment Requirements

The ‘Appointment Requirements’ field is a free text space to include instructions for the appointment, like nursing support or the medical peripherals required.

  • Keep the information short and simple.
  • The information will carry over if the event is copied.
  • Detailed forms, protocols or attachments should still be associated to the event using the Manage Attachments feature.

Field for Day of Event Contact

The ‘Day of Event Contact’ easily identifies the individuals that should be contacted on the day the event is occurring if there’s a problem or if the Consultant is running late.

  • One or more contact for each system in the event can be provided.
  • This field is editable without having to edit the event.
  • This information will not carry over if the event is copied.
  • Currently only available in clinical events.

Notify Participants Popup

A popup will help you to notify participants via email.

  • It will appear when clinical events are scheduled or cancelled.
  • It will appear when non-clinical events are cancelled.
  • Clicking ‘ok’ causes Ncompass to use your default email to create a new email, notifying the requestor and site contacts in the event.

Icons and Search Filters for Nursing Support and Peripherals

New icons indicating nursing support and peripheral devices will show at the system level in NCompass and the OTNhub Directory.

  • An icon indicating nursing support will show at the site if at least one system at the site has nursing support selected.
  • New filters in Ncompass will easily allow users to search systems with specific peripherals and/or nursing support.
  • Nursing support icons are editable and visible in the OTNhub Directory.
  • Peripheral device icons are visible in the OTNhub Directory. They can only be edited by emailing