eVisit (Video Visits) Room-Based Videoconferencing

As we endure through the COVID-19 outbreak, please take extra care in Cleaning and Disinfecting Virtual Care Equipment to reduce the risk of transmission.

Room-Based Equipment

These videos provide an overview to using room-based videoconferencing equipment; clinical carts, non-clinical carts, wall-mount units and desktop units. It includes information on videoconferencing components (camera, codec, monitor, microphone, network, and power) and how to set them up.

Videoconferencing Remotes

The short videos provide an overview to the various Polycom and Tandberg (Cisco) remotes; Polycom Group Series, Polycom HDX, Tandberg TRC4, Tandberg TRC5 and Cisco TRC6 remotes. Additional resources such as reference guides and manuals are also available along with step by step instructions on reconnecting to an event in progress using the remote.


These videos provide practical tips and considerations on using medical peripherals in a Telemedicine event. Learn about using the Littman 3200 digital stethoscope (Telesteth), AMD Patient Exam Camera, AMD ENT Scope and USB Peripherals such as the Horus Scope and GlobalMed TotalExam.

Littman 3200 Telestethoscope

Telesteth Manual

AMD Patient Camera


AMD ENT Scope Reference Manual

USB Peripherals

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